Testimonial – Heidi Ridgeway

“I just wanted to pass along a few spoken words from Mason. My husband brought him in for the testing today. When they returned home, Mason took the time to tell me how kind everyone is there in the CTC homeschool office. Knowing as you very well do, that Mason is not a very dramatic young man and of few words to boot, he came home today and really emphasized to me how kind, or nice as he put it, everyone is in your office. Crystal, he has known you for a while now and we feel like you are a real friend, if not even part of the family. He spoke of Kevin being so kind and easy to talk to today. He stated that Kevin would make you feel good even if you didn’t pass your test. Lol- that was Mason’s way of putting it, but that he enjoyed a short conversation with him today. Last, Mason mentioned of a new lady/coordinator who took the time to introduce herself, shake his hand, and how very nice she was. He just seemed to be a little touched by the kindness today and felt the need to share it with me. You could tell it made a positive impact on him…being that he is “Mason of few words”. Lol, so as his parent and a person who lives her life with a heart for others, I say “THANK YOU” to you all!!! It just feeds the soul to get a smile, handshake or kind encounter with someone during our day, so thanks for being who you all are and doing that for my child today without even realizing it!”

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