Due to the terms of graduation set forth in House Bill 5, prospective Central Texas College Online High School (CTCOHS) students have the option of earning their diploma based on two different paths. The Foundation Program is a 22-credit, basic diploma. The Endorsement Program is a 26-credit program that requires a student to take all of the ‘foundation’ classes listed in the Foundation Program plus an additional four credits in an area of concentration. The areas of endorsement are:

  • Multidisciplinary Endorsement
  • Humanities Endorsement – Social Studies Path
  • Humanities Endorsement – LOTE Path
  • Humanities Endorsement – English Path
  • STEM Endorsement – Science/Math/Technology Path
  • Business Endorsement
  • Business Endorsement- Hospitality
  • Business Endorsement- Electronics
  • Human Services Endorsement

A student may opt out of the endorsement plan once they have received 11 credits. Until that point, they must enter CTCOHS under the Endorsement Program. For additional information or explanation, please call the High School Coordinator at 1-800-792-3348 ext. 1321 or visit the link below:

*In order to comply with accreditation standards, all students who wish to receive a diploma through CTCOHS must complete 25% of their coursework with us unless they qualify for Credit Recovery.

Credit recovery policy

Credit recovery will be offered only to applicants currently residing in Texas, to active-duty military, to military spouses, and to military dependents.  CTC Online High School administrative staff will interview each credit recovery applicant to evaluate the applicant’s circumstances.

Effective immediately, the 25% residency requirement will be waived for the following credit recovery applicants:

  • Applicant has been out of high school for five years or less;
  • Applicant received passing grades (C or above) in completed courses;
  • Applicant passed state-mandated exams or has passed the TSI with a score of 350 or above;
  • All high school work was completed in accredited high schools;
  • If applicant passes the TSI upon admission, the exit TABE exam is waived;
  • The Applicant will be required to take at a minimum two credits from CTC Online High School.