Tuition and Fees

Beginning September 1, 2016, our tuition is $175 per one-half credit course for sixteen weeks open enrollment. We recommend a maximum course load of five classes at any given time. There is no minimum, but you should plan on completing at least 12-14 one-half credit classes per year to graduate in the same amount of time as a traditional school.

Also, beginning September 1, 2016, we have some additional fees. Any student submitting an application on or after September 1, 2016, will have a $10 application fee. Other fees assessed will involve students enrolled in courses as of September 1, 2016:

Final Exam Re-Take Fee:     $25

Two Week Course Extension Fee:     $25

***Extensions may be used one time only per course. After the two weeks, a student must pay tuition to repeat the course.***

Locally, tuition payments may be made at Central Texas College Business Office, or online with a credit or debit card at the Central Texas College’s WebAdvisor portal.

The following is a list of courses with the additional materials they may require:

  • English I and II (two textbooks, required)
  • English III (two textbooks, required)
  • English IV (1 textbook, required)
  • World Geography (atlas, required)
  • Biology (lab kit, required)

The science courses also require basic lab supplies, many available in most homes. A list of lab supplies is included with each course.

Some of the courses will require software such as the Microsoft Office; however, student-friendly and affordable open-source software, such as Libre Office, is available that can be used in place of Microsoft Office. Your instructor will discuss special requirements when enrolling in individual classes.

Please contact the CTC Bookstore to order books and materials.


If you decide to withdraw from Central Texas College Online High School (CTCOHS), you may do so at any time by downloading and completing the Withdrawal Form.

Any refunds requested will be in accordance to the Central Texas College refund policy.